EDA RANU - Our Water

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EDA RANU - Partnering a growing National Capital

Port Moresby's unprecedented growth as the nations capital and gateway to the country has brought with it some considerable challenges not only to how the city develops but more importantly how the city is managed.  

Maintaining harmony in a continually evolving environment like the National Capital District where a burgeoning population and a massive boom in commercial activity brings with it many attributes both positive and negative. 

Commercial and domestic considerations collide on many levels and these are the challenges which must be managed so that a balance is achieved and growth promoted.

These are among the many social, commercial, legal and political issues faced by Eda Ranu every day as it continues to adjust and keep abreast of Port Moresby's new look.


This site is a repository of the many achievements Eda Ranu has managed over the last ten years and an insight into the projects that lie ahead so that as a partner in development, Eda Ranu is appreciated for what it must do for the population of the National Capital District.